Congratulations on taking the time to visit my MMM information page. You are obviously looking for a way to improve your life and future!

Dear Friend,

You have been looking for ways to increase your income, but just cannot seem to find the answer like I did. MMM offers me more income and it is a passive income that does not take up my time.

My name is Colin Brazendale. I stay in Pretoria with my lovely wife and 2 kids. I am always looking for ways to increase my income. I have stumbled apon MMM and would like to share this unique opportunity with you.

Every month I find that my expenses increase and my income just stays the same. This leaves less and less money over for saving and investing. I find this very frustrating.

Then One Day I stumled apon MMM. MMM will grow from a small investment to something Big and meaningful so that I can use my returns to invest in something like property to grow my personal wealth.

What is MMM?

MMM is not a Company, Entity or Organization. MMM is a computer program that was created for the people of this world. MMM is a community of people that is run and managed by the community leaders.

MMM is a donation exchange network where people offer donations to each other, within our community, in exchange for Mavro's. So the question is, what are Mavro's? Mavro is the internal currency or points system. The Mavro's are also an indicator of how much you are eligible to receive in donations should you wish to Get Help.

MMM is simple, it is a community who buy and sell Mavros from each other in a donation exchange network. How this happens: You will make an offer to purchase the amount of Mavros you need (R1 = 1Mavro).

The MMM program will then allocate a seller to you within 1 to 5 weeks from the day you make your offer. This offer is called Provide Help (PH). Once you have completed your payment you will own those Mavros.

Mavros grow at 30% per month in value, starting from the moment you made the offer to purchase(PH). MMM has thousands of people waiting in the queue to purchase your Mavros when you decide to sell, or Get Help (GH). These transactions are recorded in your personal MMM online Office.

Membership is FREE, there are no joining fees or monthly subscription fees. You purchase what you can afford and you can withdraw mavros whenever you want.

Mavro Growth Rate

Mavro's that you receive from your donations have a fixed growth rate of 30% per month. The question is, How is this sustainable since the Mavro is independent from any assets or investment portfolios?

There are two factors that make the earning percentage on Mavro's sustainable, 1. New member donations, 2. Existing members donations.

For as long as the monthly amount of donations is exceeding 30% then we will continue to enjoy this percentage of return or growth on Mavro's, However it is also important to know that this growth rate can be increased or decreased, depending on the new member contributions and existing members re-contributing.


How to Register

Here is a short video below showing you how to register:


Go to this link to register at MMM after viewing video above please:

Registration Bonus

There is a once-off Registration Bonus when you make your first purchase of Mavros.  You will receive:

1) $20 — if you have contributed from $50 (Approx R765) to $499 (Approx R7650).
2) $50 — if you have contributed from $500 (Approx R7650) to $2 999 (Approx R50 000).
3) $100 — $ 3 000 and above(Approx R50 000 and above).

Note: Rand to dollar exchange was R15.43 at the time, but make sure you are well over to make sure you don't donate short. Round up to nearest R100. So R765 becomes R800 to donate.

Your Bonus Mavros will be available for withdrawal 30 Days after you pay your first Provide Help to your fellow member of the MMM community.

Referral Bonus

For each member you personally introduce to MMM you will receive a Referral Bonus of 10% of the Mavros purchased. For example: Your friend John makes an offer to purchase 1000 Mavro.

This means you will be awarded with 100 Mavro, which will also grow at 30% per month.This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

My Personal Proof that MMM works. See video below:

I am here to Help You, so Join me and MMM

I know that you will be very sceptical about MMM in the beginning and I was too. It took me 6 weeks to understand the business, but I am here to shorten the learning curve. I had to work out everything myself, but I will help you so that you don't make any mistakes. If you follow the videos you will not make mistakes. I did not have videos to watch when I joined MMM.

Join MMM here:

You are welcome to contact me with any questions via email, Youtube, Facebook and telephone. Here are my details:

Colin Brazendale


My MMM Youtube channel to follow my journey :

Follow my Facebook page with more opportunities:

Tel: 072 838 6854

My personal blog:

I wish you all the wealth and success.

Your Sincerely

Colin Brazendale


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